Pattern Discovering for Ontology Based Activity Recognition in Multi-resident Homes

2020 Tạp chí Đại học Thủ Dầu Một  
Activity recognition is one of the preliminary steps in designing and implementing assistive services in smart homes. Such services help identify abnormality or automate events generated while occupants do as well as intend to do their desired Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) inside a smart home environment. However, most existing systems are applied for single-resident homes. Multiple people living together create additional complexity in modeling numbers of overlapping and concurrent
more » ... es. In this paper, we introduce a hybrid mechanism between ontology-based and unsupervised machine learning strategies in creating activity models used for activity recognition in the context of multi-resident homes. Comparing to related data-driven approaches, the proposed technique is technically and practically scalable to real-world scenarios due to fast training time and easy implementation. An average activity recognition rate of 95.83% on CASAS Spring dataset was achieved and the average recognition run time per operation was measured as 12.86 mili-seconds.
doi:10.37550/tdmu.ejs/2020.04.079 fatcat:hjypmwloinbthn5v7haqnuucr4