Three-Dimensional Impact Time and Angle Control Guidance Based on MPSP

Yang Li, Hao Zhou, Wanchun Chen
2019 International Journal of Aerospace Engineering  
A new nonlinear guidance law for air-to-ground missile cooperation attacks is proposed in this paper. This guidance law enables missiles with different initial conditions to attack targets simultaneously, and it can also precisely satisfy the terminal impact angle conditions in both flight-path angle and heading angle. The guidance law is devised using the model predictive static programming (MPSP) method, and the control saturation constraint is incorporated in the MPSP algorithm. The
more » ... rithm. The first-order-lag acceleration of the missile is taken as the state variable to realize the convergence of the terminal acceleration to zero. Moreover, a collision avoidance strategy for three-dimensional missile cooperative flight is proposed. The simulation results show that the guidance law can make the missiles hit the target accurately at the same time with the ideal impact angles and can realize the control saturation constraints of the missiles. This can increase the attack effects and is significant for collaborative attacks.
doi:10.1155/2019/5631723 fatcat:qkmrn27jkjcadktmxcz7x756hy