Progression of carotid artery remodeling and stiffness in hypertensive patients with or without diabetes mellitus: A cohort prospective study

R. Bruno, M. Barzacchi, G. Cartoni, G. Penno, S. Taddei, S. Del Prato, L. Ghiadoni
2014 Artery Research  
Results: Compared to normal TT levels, TD patients (nZ19) were older (59AE 8vs 52AE10 years, P<0.05) with higher BMI (28.6AE 4.0 kg/m 2 vs 27.0AE4 kg/m 2 , P<0.05). They had lower EF, SV and inversely, higher EA/ ELV compared to subjects with normal TT. TD was also associated to a higher mitral E/E' and PWVc-f. The association remained significant in multivariate analysis after adjustment for age and cardiovascular risk factors. Conclusion: Testosterone deficiency associates to an unfavorable
more » ... to an unfavorable LV performance as well to central arterial stiffness, with an adverse outcome on cardiac energetic. This information adds clinical value on hormone lower level, in both cardiovascular risk assessment and stratification of future preventive strategies.
doi:10.1016/j.artres.2014.09.177 fatcat:esvdiol4vfhpvhxudwmrjiujey