Study on Moire Pattern Artifact Observed in Radiographic Image Digitized by Laser Scanner

Kazuyuki ARAI, Kazuyuki ARAI, Toshikazu UMEDA, Toshikazu UMEDA, Masaharu NONAKA, Masaharu NONAKA
1989 Medical Imaging Technology  
▲Lstract: ヽ loirc pattcrn arc oFten obscrvcd in a digitizcd radiographic image when a radiographic image takcn by a nlln using an anti-scatter grid is digitizcd by thc usc of a laser scanncr. ヽ 江 cchanism of thc ヽ loirc pattcrn is exPlainCd in view of thc contrast difFerencc causcd by intcrFcrcncc bctwccn sampling frequcncy and frcqucncy of thc grid. Also, bascd On parametcrs obtained through suttCCtiVe evaluatio■ , critical sPot-SiZC Of the lascr beanl for vis,ally prcvcnting thc occurrencc ofヽ こ oirc pattcrn is discusscd.
doi:10.11409/mit.7.369 fatcat:op6kevfbu5b4lm2taakdfv4hmm