A Local Model and Experimental Verification of the Crossflow Filtration of a Polydispersed Slurry

Wang, Yang, Lu
2020 Water  
In this paper, we propose a calculation model for a crossflow filtration process that is applicable to polydispersed slurry microfiltration. The deposition velocity of particles in slurry, particle distribution, and resistance of the filter cake on the surface of the filtration media can be predicted by this model, and can be used to predict the variations of filtration velocity. The theoretical prediction matched well with the experimental data, having a difference within 20%, except for the
more » ... %, except for the initial few seconds. However, the porosity of the filter cake used in the theoretical prediction was assigned based on the literature. It is revealed by the model that the variations in the crossflow filtration velocity are induced by the gradual domination of particles with small diameters in the filter cake. Meanwhile, the possible direction for the optimization of this model is pointed out.
doi:10.3390/w12020489 fatcat:qrrevjnmqrf5xcowf23zqzm7p4