Semen Parameters And Pregnancy Rate Post Varicocelectomy For Subfertile Men With Sperm Count Less Than 10 Millions, Sohag Medical School Experience

Ahmed attia, El niser mohamed, Mohamed Ali, Abdelbasset Mohamed
2019 Sohag Medical Journal  
Purpose: Despite Varicocele repair can improve fertility in infertile men with oligospermia, Conflicting opinions remain as to whether a varicocele repair improves fertility in individuals with severe oligospermia. The present study evaluated the benefits of varicocelectomy in men with severe oligospermia and clinically palpable varicocele in terms of the spontaneous pregnancy rate and improvement in semen analysis parameters. Materials and Methods: This was a prospective study of 50 men with
more » ... dy of 50 men with oligospermia who underwent varicocelectomy at our center in the period between April 2017 to August 2018. The subjects were followed for a mean period of 3 months. The outcome was compared among groups of men with moderate (5-10 million/mL), and severe (<5 million/mL) oligospermia who were operated on during the same period. Results: A total of 11 of 32 men (34.37%) with moderate OS achieved spontaneous pregnancy. Mean sperm density increased from 7.36 million/mL preoperatively to 27.5 million/mL postoperatively. The mean time to pregnancy from the date of surgery was 3 months. The spontaneous pregnancy rate in men with severe OS was 22.2%. Conclusion: This study recommends varicocelectomy in patients with severe oligospermia as there was significant improvement in semen parameters and pregnancy rate and thus provides a chance for such patients to achieve unassisted pregnancy before trying assisted reproductive techniques.
doi:10.21608/smj.2019.15198.1021 fatcat:j57eveukvvf4hph5kxgvmczpuq