Generalized Fiedler pencils with repetition for rational matrix functions

Namita Behera
2020 Filomat  
We introduce generalized Fiedler pencil with repetition(GFPR) for an n x n rational matrix function G(?) relative to a realization of G(?). We show that a GFPR is a linearization of G(?) when the realization of G(?) is minimal and describe recovery of eigenvectors of G(?) from those of the GFPRs. In fact, we show that a GFPR allows operation-free recovery of eigenvectors of G(?). We describe construction of a symmetric GFPR when G(?) is symmetric. We also construct GFPR for the Rosenbrock
more » ... matrix S(?) associated with an linear time-invariant (LTI) state-space system and show that the GFPR are Rosenbrock linearizations of S(?). We also describe recovery of eigenvectors of S(?) from those of the GFPR for S(?). Finally, We analyze operation-free Symmetric/self-adjoint structure Fiedler pencils of system matrix S(?) and rational matrix G(?). We show that structure pencils are linearizations of G(?).
doi:10.2298/fil2011529b fatcat:ptdssgmrcvdatnpfsq5mvfxqcq