Descriptions of reference LWR facilities for analysis of nuclear fuel cycles. Appendixes [report]

K Schneider, T Kabele
1979 unpublished
This rrpon was prepared u an aceaunt of work spnxrrcd by the United Sutts Cavernment. ~d the U n b d Sutrr nor tha D e p e m t of Energy, nor my of thdr employees, nor any of dtdr -rr, sukontraaors, or t&r employcar, maker any warranty. expms at lmpliad, w n u t m u any kpl lkbllhy o r rcrpomibihty for the accuracy, compkclcntrr or uufulncss of any iniormotlon, appantm, p& at proet~s dtrdoztd. or reprcrentr that ib urn would not infringe privately owned rights The views, o p i n l o~ md
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doi:10.2172/5595660 fatcat:g4gafrabpvcqngrrfgqepiiyyu