Structure-based virtual screening for new lead compounds targeted Plasmodium α-tubulin

O. V. Rayevsky, O. M. Demchyk, P. A. Karpov, S. P. Ozheredov, S. I. Spivak, A. I. Yemets, Ya. B. Blume
2021 Faktori eksperimentalʹnoï evolûcìï organìzmìv  
Aim. Search for new dinitroaniline and phosphorothioamide compounds, capable of selective binding with Plasmodium α-tubulin, affecting its mitotic apparatus. Methods. Structural biology methods of computational prediction of protein-ligand interaction: molecular docking, molecular dynamics and pharmacophore analysis. Selection of compounds based on pharmacophore characteristics and virtual screening results. Results. The protocol and required structural conditions for target (α-tubulin of P.
more » ... ciparum) preparation and correct modeling of the ligand-protein interaction (docking and virtual screening) were developed. The generalized pharmacophore model of ligand-protein interaction and key functional groups of ligands responsible for specific binding were identified. Conclusions. Based on results of virtual screening, 22 commercial compounds were selected. Identified compounds proposed as potential inhibitors of Plasmodium mitotic machinery and the base of new antimalarial drugs. Keywords: malaria, Plasmodium, intermolecular interaction, dinitroaniline derived, phosphorothioamidate derived.
doi:10.7124/feeo.v28.1389 fatcat:ioyo5rn2trba7lpyvab6ba5vkm