Function of Ideological and Political Education in University Library and Its Realization Way

Ying Zeng
2015 Canadian Social Science   unpublished
It is discussed the advantages of university library in the ideological and political education for college students in the paper. It is from the university library being the second classroom, the university library having the rich collection resources, the university library having the advanced information facility and the high quality librarian team four aspects to carry on the explanation. And it discussed the way of the university library to realize the ideological and political education
more » ... litical education of college students. INTRODUTION The educational function of the university library is the function or function that the university library should have in the school education. It has a rich, multi type, multi carrier literature advantage. It can take the creative work of the staff of the library, and use the excellent cultural achievements created by all human beings, and give educator hem a deep and comprehensive education. In the last thirty years, the political theory course of our country's colleges and the students' political ideological education have taken a lot of steps, but it is still not up to the development of the market economy of our country. Survey shows that the role of University Libraries in the second classroom is becoming increasingly prominent, 60% of college students spend more time in the library (Ren, 2006). Therefore, compared to the classroom education, the library has a unique advantage in improving the ideological and political quality of college students. It plays an important role in the quality education of ideological and political education. It also provides the environment for the comprehensive outstanding quality education. Therefore, to strengthen the ideological and political education of college students should give full play to the role of the library.