Coherently Driven and Superdirective Antennas [post]

Alex Krasnok
2019 unpublished
Antennas are crucial elements for wireless technologies, communications and power transfer across the entire spectrum of electromagnetic waves, including radio, microwaves, THz and optics. In this paper, we review our recent achievements in two promising areas: coherently enhanced wireless power transfer (WPT) and superdirective dielectric antennas. We show that the concept of coherently enhanced WPT allows improvement of the antenna receiving efficiency by coherent excitation of the
more » ... n of the outcoupling waveguide with a backward propagating guided mode with a specific amplitude and phase. Antennas with the superdirectivity effect can increase the WPT systems performance in another way, through tailoring of radiation diagram via engineering antenna multipoles excitation and interference of their radiation. We demonstrate a way to achieving the superdirectivity effect via higher-order multipoles excitation in a subwavelength high-index spherical dielectric resonator supporting electric and magnetic Mie multipoles. Thus, both types of antenna discussed here possess a coherent nature and can be used in modern intelligent antenna systems.
doi:10.20944/preprints201906.0165.v1 fatcat:f6x24wyybrc45n2n4t6clpvlku