Conversion in Arunachal Pradesh, India-A Sociological Analysis of Gender related Factors

Tajen Dabi, Mie Dirchi
2017 International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research and Management   unpublished
In his work on religions, Max Weber wrote extensively on the potential for religion to break and transform traditional social institutions. The increasing number of adherents to Christian faith in Arunachal Pradesh in the recent decades is bound to have its impact on the traditional social mores and culture. It will take some time to access the full import of these impacts as Christianity as a social force is a relatively new, post-colonial phenomenon. The women converts, mostly widows, taken
more » ... tly widows, taken up in this study are one agency as well as product of such processes. Recent critiques on the onslaught of Christianity on indigenous culture in Arunachal Pradesh have singularly emphasised on the "loss-and-preserve" aspect of traditional culture. In the process a very important aspect of socio-cultural change i.e. emotional dimensions of conversion is not properly analysed. In similar tribal societies in the northeast where the Church has a longer history, the role of Christianity in emancipating women from patriarchy is debated. Issues such as this can also be explored in Arunachal when we engage the question of religious conversion taking into consideration the emotional and psychological factors in a particular social set up rather than purely engaging in polemics.