Guest Editor's Introduction - Currrent developments in object-oriented systems

M. Devarakonda
2000 IEEE Concurrency  
Object-Orientea S ys terns I , I n the July-September 1998 issue of /€€€Concurrency, I introduced : the Object-Oriented Systems track, stating that object-oriented " programming was commonplace. I seem t o have understated just how commonplace 00 programming really is. According t o Bertrand Meyer, 00 programming is so obvious that many practitioners do not realize that the ideas were once new and controversial.' He finds an analogy between structured programming and 00 programming in this
more » ... ct, and his article is actually a rebuttal of sorts to pronouncements that we are witnessing the end of the object era. I n some quarters, there is a feeling that ple are familiar with the basic goals of 00 programming is no longer a selling object technology, only a few understand point, or that it can't achieve all the bene-its deeper concepts or how to apply them. fits proponents claim. Meyer, quite cor-I will let you follow the debate yourself, rectly, points out that although most peo-and you can form your own opinion. , ,
doi:10.1109/mcc.2000.824308 fatcat:ef6zhkjqp5cwrixgljggqbifhe