The Relationship between Response Styles and Personality Traits

盟 李
2016 Advances in Psychology  
Response styles refer to respondents' systematic tendency to answer questionnaire items on some basis other than the specific item content. The traditional opinions view response styles as a kind of system error, but the new viewpoints find that the response styles are more likely to be unique personality variables. Due to this, the present study is trying to examine the trait-like properties and the effect factors of response styles in the latter perspectives. This research adopts the Big Five
more » ... Personality questionnaire NEO-FFI and semantic reversal of NEO-FFI measures 1200 high school students and 1200 undergraduates twice one month in between calculating the number of the same answer at each pair of items as response styles indicators in two tests. The findings were as follows: 1) The acquiescent response style is more than other response styles in Chinese respondents, then the disacquiescence response style, midpoint response style, positive extreme response style and negative extreme response style. All kinds of response styles are not independent. 2) All response styles were significantly reduced with the higher education. The main effect of gender on the acquiescent response style and midpoint response style were significant, and the interaction effect was significant on midpoint response style and positive extreme response style. 3) Each response styles were related to personality traits at different degree and direction.
doi:10.12677/ap.2016.63042 fatcat:s5xjnnvhyrgmvb4zhslktisayy