Infected Textiloma, 35 Years after the Operation for Femur Fracture, an extermly rare occurance

Amir Sadeghifar, Ali Saeed
Retained gauze after surgery is an uncommon error and it may be associated with many complications. We are reporting our case to call attention to the fact that retained gauze may become symptomatic even after a very long interval. Herein we report on a patient who developed infection and fistula with discharge from this error 35 years after a surgery for femur fracture and insertion of a IM nail. The diagnosis was easily made because of a marker in the gauze. Removal of the gauze and
more » ... and debridement of the wound in two stages led to complete recovery of the patient as was shown in the 1 year follow up. Retained gauze after surgery is a preventable complication and may be asymptomatic for a very long period, but can become a complication post-operatively at any time. Hence, if diagnosed immediately after the surgery or at any other time, the gauze should be removed.