Research on Multi-camera Multi-target Tracking Method Based on Hierarchical Relational Model of Trajectory Tree

LIU Guanqun, LI Ting
2020 Jisuanji kexue yu tansuo  
To improve the accuracy of camera target tracking, a multi-camera multi-target tracking method based on multi-hypothesis tracking (MHT) framework using hierarchical relation model of trajectory tree is proposed. First of all, the unknown number of trajectories can be found by spatiotemporal correlation between trajectories generated by multiple cameras, and the three-dimensional trajectory of the target can be estimated online by solving the maximum weight clique problem (MWCP) of each frame.
more » ... en, in order to solve the NP problem of multi-frame image processing, a new online scheme is proposed, which uses the feedback information of the results of the previous frame to establish a multi-frame image processing scheme, so as to find the best trajectory in each frame. This scheme can make multiple sub-problems constitute multi-objective and multi-objective control problems, and greatly reduces the amount of calculation. Experiments show that the algorithm has better performance than the most advanced batch processing algorithm.
doi:10.3778/j.issn.1673-9418.1904011 doaj:cacae0bcf7ab44479278b5a3eca6e67d fatcat:2sxsgawemrefdi4r3ejcmwilqe