The Record of the Citadel of Sorrows: a case study in Joseon dynasty literature [article]

Orion Lethbridge, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
The Record of the Citadel of Sorrows is attributed to the renowned literary figure Im Je (1549-87). Writing in the sixteenth century, against a bloody and dramatic backdrop of political turmoil, Im Je was a minor official of the Joseon government. He was well-known by contemporaries for his literary ability, but is widely regarded as a reclusive literary genius by modern scholars. The Record of the Citadel of Sorrows was the only work of prose fiction included in the first compilation of his
more » ... mpilation of his collected works, and is often highlighted as one of the earliest examples of a Korean novel. This thesis considers the other side of that portrayal, examining the ways in which the text evolved from Literary Chinese precedents and Joseon literary culture, and providing the first fully annotated translation into English. The project is intended to serve as a framework for scholars wishing to engage more closely with Joseon literary heritage, and to provide specific insights into The Citadel, Im Je, and sixteenth-century literary culture.
doi:10.25911/5d7637ce05a41 fatcat:jbptvosjqzcefc657miaeub66q