Self gelating isoracemosol A, new racemosaceramide A, and racemosol E from Barringtonia racemosa

Mangala Gowri Ponnapalli, Nalini Dangeti, Madhu Babu Sura, Haribabu Kothapalli, V. S. Sarma Akella, Jeelani Basha Shaik
2016 Figshare  
Phytochemical investigation into the CHCl3 extract of the fruits of Barringtonia racemosa resulted in the isolation of two new metabolites along with isoracemosol A and betulinic acid as known metabolites. The new compounds were characterised as phytosphingosine-type ceramide [(2S,3S,4R)-2-[(2R)-2-hydroxyhexadecanoyl amino]-hexacos-8(E)-ene-1,3,4-triol, 1] and racemosol E [21β-acetoxy-22α-(2-methylbutyroxy)-olean-12-ene-3β,16α,28-triol, 2] on the basis of extensive spectroscopic data analysis
more » ... pic data analysis and chemical modifications. In addition, the self-gelating property of isoracemosol A (3) was investigated for the first time, which leads to the unexpected agglomerated porous-like morphology.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.3545958 fatcat:3b5jijdpyjdn7jppox2o247cwe