Japanese professors and their university: Teaching and research in a changing context. Report on a survey in Japanese colleges and universities [article]

Botho von Kopp
The author presents the outcomes of a survey which was conducted in Japan between September and November 1991 in co-operation with Takekazu Ehara, professor of Kyoto University, department of education. Whereas the author conducted intensive interviews at 15 universities and three research institutes and sent a questionnaire to 169 professors, assistant professors and lecturers at various universities in Japan, "the basic design of the survey was to find out about the attitudes of Japanese
more » ... r education teachers (professors, assistant professors and lecturers) towards their material and non-material work conditions and about their views on some acute problems and strategies in the face of present changes." Here the chapter about the outcomes of the survey is finally divided into four parts which focus on a) personal data, b) personal work conditions, c) organizational and financial conditions of research and teaching and d) prospects of university's role and conditions. (DIPF/ ssch)
doi:10.25656/01:717 fatcat:7v33cazavrathfq2c2vzenfd7a