Flying Kites, Nazi Ideology and Collaborative Mapping: Coping with rightwing-extremism in secondary education

Michael Lehner, Thomas Jekel, Robert Vogler
2017 GI_FORUM - Journal for Geographic Information Science  
In Austria and Germany, one of the more recent political shifts has been a swing towards the extreme right (AfD, 'Identitäre'), accompanied by a change in what is seen as acceptable in language. Right-wing movements have come more into the open, straddling the fence around what is forbidden under Austrian and German law. Symbols forbidden by laws designed to prevent a reproduction of NSDAP institutions and ideology can regularly be seen in public spaces. This paper presents an initiative
more » ... ed by one of these open representations of Nazi ideology in November 2016, when two men flew a children's kite in Salzburg city-centre. The kite was decorated with 4 different Nazi symbols. Using Instagram, the initiative maps such symbols collected by the public and extracts location information for representation in ArcGIS-Online. We show how this initiative can contribute to the formation of the political subject and discuss teaching methods, the technical development of the project, and initial results.
doi:10.1553/giscience2017_02_s23 fatcat:mgcn6fiqtzcdzndsncwugbgghu