Application of nature inspired metaheuristic techniques to overcurrent relay coordination

Ritesh Rawat, Vijay S. Kale, Sanjeev S. Gokhale
2016 2016 Future Technologies Conference (FTC)  
In power system properly coordinated protection scheme is designed to make sure that only the faulty part of the system will be isolated when abnormal operating condition of the system will reach. The complexity of the system as well as the increased user demand and the deregulated environment enforce the utilities to improve system reliability by using a properly coordinated protection scheme.This paper presents overview of overcurrent relay coordination techniques. Different techniques such
more » ... Deterministic Techniques, Meta Heuristic Optimization techniques, Hybrid Optimization Techniques and Trial and Error Optimization Techniques, have been reviewed in terms of method of theirimplementation, operation modes, nature of distribution system and finally their advantages as well asthe disadvantages.
doi:10.1109/ftc.2016.7821600 fatcat:rw6j6moemre3xcvrbgpyl37d3q