Prediction and Control of Lathe Machine Tool vibration by Taguchi Method

B Kolhe, C Dhamejani, D S Galhe
2016 unpublished
In machining operation there are different variables deleterious the desired result. In this process the behavior of machine tool, cutting tool life and cutting tool vibration are the complex phenomenon which influences on the dimensional precision of the components to be machined, the cutting tool vibrations are mainly influenced by cutting parameters like cutting speed, depth of cut and tool feed rate. In this project work, CNC lathe cutting tool vibrations are controlled the tool holder is
more » ... he tool holder is supported with and without damping pad. Cutting tool vibration signals collected through accelerometer by using FFT analyzer. To increase th e accuracy of experiments, Taguchi L9 experimental design method has used in this experiment. Experimental results are validated with analysis of variance (ANOVA) and regression analysis to identify the influences of the different cutting parameter on the vibration of cutting tool.