Seed germination and seedling growth of rice in response toatmospheric air dielectric-barrier discharge plasma

Nuankamol Amnuaysin, Hathaichanok Korakotchakorn, Supenya Chittapun, Nopporn Poolyarat
The effect of atmospheric air dielectric barrier discharge plasma on seed germination and early growth has been investigated in rice. Rice seeds were exposed to plasma for 10, 30 and 60 s. It is shown that plasma treatment had positive effects on germination of rice seeds. Seeds exposed to plasma for 60 s had the highest germination rate. Vigor index and germination speed of treated seeds were higher in comparison to untreated seeds. Characteristics of seedling growth, including shoot length,
more » ... esh weight and dry weight of shoot and roots were improved by plasma treatment. The contents of photosynthetic pigments tended to increase in the seedlings from treated seeds. In addition, the surface of rice seeds was modified by treating with plasma. These results suggest that the exposure of rice seeds to plasma has the potential to promote seed germination and seedling growth by changing the surfaces of rice seeds.
doi:10.14456/sjst-psu.2018.114 fatcat:zgo6odsjjjaydcejfdhari53wa