Power Quality Inquiry for Grid Connected Solar Inverter

The projected paper presents the survey on load, PV based system, and grid location, affected by the presence of harmonics. Nowadays Photovoltaic (PV) energy has been extensively attentive since it's fresh and infinite energy without creating pollution. An inverter is required to produce electrical energy from solar. One of the reason for unstable power system is an inverter which is a switching device. It is functioned to regulate the frequency of an AC power as per requirement. On the other
more » ... nd, it leads to distortion of waveforms produced by the introduction of that upset electronic devices which are employed to receive power. At that moment, it could create the incorrect functioning of electronic devices. The outcomes demonstrations that maximum grid's harmonics are influenced by the photovoltaic system and the load when the inverter is powered up to the rated value, for the meantime, harmonics present in the load be governed by on the category of load and the fractions of harmonics are compact. Analyzing, the effect of harmonics for three edges, we got to know that harmonics of photovoltaic based system barely have an consequence on load while the harmonics of grid are more exaggerated from load as compared to the PV system
doi:10.35940/ijitee.k1170.09811s19 fatcat:s6rjytiidzhz3bu2gij6lcmpnm