Metal–metal interactions in dinuclear ruthenium complexes incorporating "stepped-parallel" bridging ligands: synthesis, stereochemistry and intervalence charge transfer

Deanna M. D'Alessandro, F. Richard Keene
2006 New Journal of Chemistry  
The synthesis and separation of the diastereoisomeric forms of the complexes [{Ru(bpy) 2 } 2 (m-BL)] 41 based on the series of "stepped-parallel" bridging ligands 2,5-bis(2-pyridyl)pyrazine (2,5-dpp), dipyrido(2,3-a;2 0 ,3 0 -h)phenazine (dpop) and azobis(2-pyridine) (apy) are reported. Electrochemical and intervalence charge transfer (IVCT) studies on the complexes reveal a high degree of metal-metal interaction, consistent with a negligible solvent dependence of the IVCT parameters in each
more » ... e. The results support a Class II-III classification for the systems. þ61-(0)7-4781-6078 w Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available: Redox potentials for reductions and IVCT transition data for the diastereoisomers of [{Ru(bpy) 2 } 2 (m-BL)] 41 and views of the diastereoisomers of [{Ru(bpy) 2 } 2 (m-bpm)] 41 . See
doi:10.1039/b514111g fatcat:6gr6eigdezfmfezdzl4fyqpiay