Modeling and Design of Graphene GaAs Junction Solar Cell

Yawei Kuang, Yushen Liu, Yulong Ma, Jing Xu, Xifeng Yang, Xuekun Hong, Jinfu Feng
2015 Advances in Condensed Matter Physics  
Graphene based GaAs junction solar cell is modeled and investigated by Silvaco TCAD tools. The photovoltaic behaviors have been investigated considering structure and process parameters such as substrate thickness, dependence between graphene work function and transmittance, and n-type doping concentration in GaAs. The results show that the most effective region for photo photogenerated carriers locates very close to the interface under light illumination. Comprehensive technological design for
more » ... junction yields a significant improvement of power conversion efficiency from 0.772% to 2.218%. These results are in good agreement with the reported experimental work.
doi:10.1155/2015/326384 fatcat:d6emxq22hjcpxhwx7ecitgwoa4