Experimental studies of divertor stabilization in an axisymmetric tandem mirror

J. A. Casey, B. G. Lane, J. H. Irby, K. L. Brau, S. N. Golovato, W. C. Guss, J. Kesner, R. S. Post, E. Sevillano, J. Zielinski
1988 The Physics of Fluids  
A divertor coil set has been installed on the Tara tandem mirror for stabilization of m = 1 flute-like modes. We discuss the effectiveness of divertor stabilization in experiments where m = 1 modes are driven to instability by plug electron cyclotron heating (ECH) in an ion cyclotron heated (ICH) plasma. The instability onset is characterized by thresholds in ECH power, fueling rate, ICH power and mapping radius of the divertor null. In general, the stability is enhanced by mapping the null
more » ... apping the null radially inwards into the plasma. The interdependence of these parameters and their effect on equilibrium profiles and stability boundaries are discussed. ii
doi:10.1063/1.866649 fatcat:cuwvy4rhhvgj3hlvd2k3va5gwu