A Spatial Planning Support System for Managing Bangalore's Urban Sprawl [chapter]

H. S. Sudhira, T. V. Ramachandra
2009 Geojournal Library  
Urban sprawl is the outgrowth along the periphery of cities and along highways. Although an accurate definition of urban sprawl may be debated, a consensus is that urban sprawl is characterized by an unplanned and uneven pattern of growth, driven by multitude of processes and leading to inefficient resource utilization. Urbanization in India has never been as rapid as it is in recent times. As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India faces stiff challenges in managing the urban
more » ... prawl, while ensuring effective delivery of basic services in urban areas. The urban areas contribute significantly to the national economy (more than 50 per cent of GDP), while facing critical challenges in accessing basic services and necessary infrastructure, both social and economic. The overall rise in the population of the urban poor or the increase in travel times due to congestion along road networks are indicators of the effectiveness of planning and governance in assessing and catering for this demand. Agencies of governance at all levels: local bodies, state government and federal government, are facing the brunt of this rapid urban growth. It is imperative for planning and governance to facilitate, augment and service the requisite infrastructure over time systematically. Provision of infrastructure and assurance of the delivery of basic services cannot happen overnight and hence planning has to facilitate forecasting and service provision with appropriate financial mechanisms. This chapter addresses the issue of urban sprawl in the Indian context with a focus on Bangalore and analyses the status of planning practice in India with a note on utility of spatial planning tools. As a synthesis of the prevailing situation, the ensuing section outlines the critical challenges for addressing sprawl. The subsequent section highlights the need for an integrated Spatial Planning Support System (SPSS), illustrating the evolution of a framework for SPSS, its development and
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