Computer Awareness and Classroom Application Amongst Lagos State Primary School Teachers (A Case Study of Lasu Training Centre)

I Gbenu, I Jimoh, Iii Lawal
International Journal of Advanced Research in Education & Technology (IJARET)   unpublished
III Michael Otedola College Of Primary Education, Noforija, Epe Introduction Information and communication (ICT) is an umbrella name that covers electronic gadgets in the forms of hardware, software and their applications. Within this umbrella are therefore computer and its accessories, computer application, internet service provision, telecommunications equipment and services, information technology equipment and services, media and broadcasting, commercial information providers, and
more » ... sed information services to mention a few. UNESCO (2002) regards the term as "the combination of informatics technology with other related technology, specifically communication technology". At the heart of this important tool are the computer and its accessories. Computer is so useful in a man's life to the extent that the concept of ICT is erroneously taken to mean computer and its application. According to Pelgrum and Law (2003), "near the end of the 1980s, the term computers was replaced by Information Technology signifying a shift of focus from computing technology to the capacity to store and retrieve information. In a related manner,Girasoli (2008) asserts that "there appears to be a misconception that ICTs generally refers to computers and computing related activities". There is hardly any sector in the world today that is not affected by ICT. It is so essential that ICT is a leading feature among the family of features of modern societies. Indeed, it seems there cannot be any meaningful development today without ICT. It is a building block of modern societies. Surprisingly, many successes recorded by criminals in their heinous activities have been traced to the use of ICT, especially the computer system, hence the concept of cyber-crime or e-crime. Still, tracking down these illicit activities by the Nigerian police has its success traceable to the ICT. Given this background, won't it be surprising not to have the presence of ICT especially the computer system in classrooms for effective teaching/learning exercise? Even children nowadays make good use of the computer system to download information, exchange ideas, make friends, and learn academic activities