Psychological maintenance in kettlebell lifting [report]

2020 unpublished
The urgency of the held research work is conditioned by the desire to improve the quality of training athletes-weightlifters for the future competitions, owing to the quality of their psychological readiness improvement. Material. Studying the influence of auto-training on psycho-emotional state of students, who go in for kettlebell lifting, their physical readiness for the future work realization. Research methods: clinical-biographical method, joint discussion method, method of talk therapy,
more » ... he method of own important feelings recording in a diary, the method of an athlete's diary correction, observation method (especially in crisis). Result. Autotraining was held during the term with the members of kettlebell lifting University team and students, who go in for kettlebell lifting as an elective course. Using different research methods we tried to regulate stage by stage psychological maintenance of weightlifters. Especially effective was auto-training. The results of the performances improved and it proves the necessity to continue and develop the work in this direction. Conclusion. Auto-training (AT) has a positive influence on psychological state of athletes and the results of their performances. At the same time, it is important to remember that this is only insignificant part of psychological training and psychological maintenance.
doi:10.14526/2070-4798-2020-15-3-42-47 fatcat:6mz6o2zibrbw3gfw22kvexzsy4