Impact of 3D Printing on Automotive Parts

2020 Journal of science and technolgy  
The impact of 3D Printing on automotive parts is investigated. 3D printing is an additive manufacturing technology to rapidly create prototypes by laying down a broad range of material onto successive layers of surfaces. In the automotive parts generally metal or alloy materials are used in the manufacturing. In this research we tested effect of 3D Printing on different automotive components. For the testing purpose we used Front Hub, Rear Hub, Knuckle, Calliper, CAM (engine part) and Steering
more » ... part) and Steering pedal. After manufacturing in FDM printer using PLA material, the different properties were checked, and compare the result of existing manufactured components with the 3D printed one. The results showed that the 3D printed components having lesser weight up-to 35% to 40% with better geometric finishing. It also allows the complex geometric in the manufacturing process.
doi:10.46243/jst.2020.v5.i3.pp79-84 fatcat:3jq5k224grfe7kgtaoe6cxkaxy