A Corpus-Based Typology of Negation Strategies in Turkish Sign Language

2021 Dilbilim Araştırmaları Dergisi  
This paper investigates the distribution of negation strategies in Turkish Sign Language (TİD) in the light of frequency-based data from a naturalistic TİD Corpus. On the basis of frequency occurrences, this study offers a novel account of negation on typological grounds: (i) by focusing on nonmanual markers, we propose that a clause can be negated with a nonmanual element onlya pattern that has been typologically proposed for other sign languages -while previous studies classified TİD as a
more » ... al dominant language in terms of Zeshan's typology (Zeshan, 2006), (ii) Also, we argue that backward head tilt has a syntactic characteristic, not lexically specified for NOT in contrast to Gökgöz ( 2011 ), (iii) on the other hand, in line with Pfau (2016), we show that TİD can easily be categorized as a Non-Strict NC language. In addition, we argue that TİD can be classified as a hybrid negating sign language by proposing frequency-based typological distinction.
doi:10.18492/dad.853176 fatcat:4pepysnqcbbr3dvzktq2lgd254