A Study on the Contact Characteristics of Metal Ring Joint Gaskets

Min-Young Lee, Byung-Tak Kim
2016 Journal of the Korean Solar Energy Society  
Gaskets are usually used for the sealing of flange joints. The joint is usually composed of two flanges, a ring gasket and clamping bolts. The metal ring gasket is suitable for pipe flanges, pumps and valve joints in high temperature and high pressure environments. A very high surface stress is developed between a ring type joint gasket and the flange groove when the ring type joint is bolted up in a flange. The dimensions of flanges and ring joint gaskets for the pipe sizes that are in common
more » ... se are specified in the ANSI codes. However, sometimes it is necessary to make a new design for the flange joint which is not specified in the codes, as the equipment is getting larger and larger in size. This paper presents the contact behavior of Class 600 ring joint gaskets with oval and octagonal cross sections. Five different sizes of gaskets are employed in the analysis, and one of them is newly designed on the basis of analysis results obtained from existing models. Three load steps are used to find the stress, stain and contact pressure etc., and to compare the contact characteristics among the models due to the bolt clamping force and the working surface pressure. ANSYS Workbench version15 is used to conduct the finite element analysis.
doi:10.7836/kses.2016.36.3.025 fatcat:iaadnvuoqjachhgijrft5lfuii