Backtracking games and inflationary fixed points

Anuj Dawar, Erich Grädel, Stephan Kreutzer
2006 Theoretical Computer Science  
We define a new class of games, called backtracking games. Backtracking games are essentially parity games with an additional rule allowing players, under certain conditions, to return to an earlier position in the play and revise a choice. This new feature makes backtracking games more powerful than parity games. As a consequence, winning strategies become more complex objects and computationally harder. The corresponding increase in expressiveness allows us to use backtracking games as model
more » ... hecking games for inflationary fixed-point logics such as IFP or MIC. We identify a natural subclass of backtracking games, the simple games, and show that these are the "right" model checking games for IFP by a) giving a translation of formulae ϕ and structures A into simple games such that A |= ϕ if, and only if, Player 0 wins the corresponding game and b) showing that the winner of simple backtracking games can again be defined in IFP.
doi:10.1016/j.tcs.2005.10.030 fatcat:5jyecmxhmbgnvh2ys3nn546ipu