Reset Strategy for Output Feedback Multiple Models MRAC Applied to DEAP

Jakub Bernat, Jakub Kolota, Damian Cieslak
2020 IEEE Access  
The smart actuators are rapidly developing in the recent years. Dielectric Electroactive Polymer actuators are very important smart actuators due to their features like softness, high force ratio, fast operation and silence. In recent year a set of dynamic models for DEAP actuators have been developed by various authors. Relying on these models it is possible to design an wide range of feedback controllers. In our work, we develop the indirect adaptive controller for Dielectric Electroactive
more » ... ic Electroactive Polymer actuator exploiting the multiple models approach with second layer adaptation. The results presented in this paper prove that in the case of piecewise continuous parameters, the benefits of second level adaptation can be lost. To solve this problem, a new resetting algorithm is proposed. The efficiency of the proposed control method is verified by a simulation on a simple motivation example and DEAP actuator model. INDEX TERMS Adaptive control, smart materials, dielectric materials.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3006315 fatcat:gvih6evjlbhzxkpk2f2hiubjt4