Penerapan Gerakan Senam Ceria Untuk Meningkatkan Minat Siswa Dalam Kegiatan Fisik Motorik Kelompok B Di Pos Paud Terpadu Kartini Kota Surabaya

Umi Zulfah
2019 MOTORIC  
In children aged PAUD activeness in various activities is necessary for the development of large muscle and small muscle. In doing cheerful exercise is very helpful for the development of students in motoric physical activities. The research entitled "Application of Cheerful Gymnastic Movement to Increase Students'Interest in Group B Physical Motoric Activities at Kartini Integrated Education Post" has the aim to describe the application of cheerful gymnartic movements that are used to increase
more » ... re used to increase student interest and explain the application of cheerful gymnastic movements can increase student interest. This research is classroom action research (PTK). The data collection method use observation. Data analysis techniques used descriptive qualitative and quantitative deskriptive percentages. The results of the study showed that (1) the application gymnastic movements to group B students was carried out continuously.(2) The results of the research in the first cycle and second cycle are known to have increased from 54,375% to 85% of the everage number of students. From these results it can be concluded that cheerful gymnastic can increase students' interest in group B physical motor activities at the Surabaya Kartini Integrated Education Pos can be proven
doi:10.31090/m.v3i1.868 fatcat:h6mtjdraj5ezbfbhdrvweymwkq