Full Duplex Relaying in Non Orthogonal Multiple Access Systém with Advanced Successive Interference Cancellation

Q. Hussain, S. Sohaib
2020 Radioengineering  
This paper describes a full-duplex (FD) cooperative non orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) system with dedicated relay under residual self-interference (RSI). An advanced successive interference cancellation (ASIC) technique is proposed in the FD cooperative NOMA system as an alternate of successive interference cancellation (SIC) scheme. The ASIC scheme maps the received signal into subgroups and by applying conventional SIC scheme on each subgroup results in separation of signals. The
more » ... gnals. The approximated analytical expressions of outage probability and ergodic sum rate for proposed ASIC based FD DF cooperative NOMA system are derived and the system throughput is analysed. Finally, according to the results, our proposed ASIC based FD DF cooperative NOMA system shows better outage performance and higher ergodic sum rate as compared to conventional SIC based FD DF cooperative NOMA system. Keywords Advanced successive interference cancellation, full duplex, non orthogonal multiple access, residual selfinterference
doi:10.13164/re.2020.0654 fatcat:eq2o4amla5cvlgcu6zqutxbxo4