The effect of texturized vegetable protein containing soy carbohydrate on oroileal transit of chromic oxide in cannulated dogs

R C Hill, C F Burrows, G W Ellison, J E Bauer
2000 Journal of Animal Science  
Texturized vegetable protein (TVP) from soy is widely used in dog foods but contains indigestible carbohydrate, which may affect intestinal transit. This study was conducted to determine whether TVP affects oroileal transit of the marker chromic oxide (Cr 2 O 3 ). Four canned diets with Cr 2 O 3 added were fed to eight cannulated mixed-breed dogs in a Latin-square design. The four diets contained reciprocal proportions of protein from TVP (0 to 57%) and from beef (100 to 43%). Ileal effluent
more » ... collected during wk 3 of each diet period, prececal apparent digestibility was measured on d 1 to 3 (eight dogs), and rate of appearance of Cr 2 O 3 and chyme was measured on d 4 (six dogs). There was a postprandial delay before any chyme or Cr 2 O 3 was collected, but from 2 to 8 h postprandially
doi:10.2527/2000.78102633x pmid:11048929 fatcat:mic3xoso3rhqdcli7yjr43hkmy