MTSS1 is a metastasis driver in a subset of human melanomas

Kirsten D. Mertz, Gaurav Pathria, Christine Wagner, Juha Saarikangas, Andrea Sboner, Julia Romanov, Melanie Gschaider, Florian Lenz, Friederike Neumann, Wolfgang Schreiner, Maria Nemethova, Alexander Glassmann (+6 others)
2014 Nature Communications  
In cancers with a highly altered genome, distinct genetic alterations drive subsets rather than the majority of individual tumours. Here we use a sequential search across human tumour samples for transcript outlier data points with associated gene copy number variations that correlate with patient's survival to identify genes with pro-invasive functionality. Employing loss and gain of function approaches in vitro and in vivo, we show that one such gene, MTSS1, promotes the ability of
more » ... cells to metastasize and engages actin dynamics via Rho-GTPases and cofilin in this process. Indeed, high MTSS1 expression defines a subgroup of primary melanomas with unfavourable prognosis. These data underscore the biological, clinical and potential therapeutic implications of molecular subsets within genetically complex cancers.
doi:10.1038/ncomms4465 pmid:24632752 fatcat:kmmpgr7445fhhgnv2nss25klba