3th International Congress of Speleology 4th Speleological Congress of Latin América and Caribbean 26th Brazilian Congress of Speleology Brasília DF, 15-22 de julho de 2001

Bom Santo, Neolithical Necropolis, Cidália Duarte, Rui Mergulho
Excavation of Room B, however, revealed the presence of a partial rib cage, not associated with the remaining skeleton. This suggests an even more complex picture for the behaviour of these populations in the face of death. In fact, the presence of segments of the skeleton might imply that the secondary nature of the Algar do Bom Santo cemetery is possibly local or dual; i.e., provenience of some bones is possibly distant, while others had been possibly manipulated during the different steps of
more » ... the mortuary procedures within the spatial limits of the cave itself. Further investigation on the details of spatial organization and taphonomic alteration of bones is in course, in order to answer these questions.