Object-Level Semantic Map Construction for Dynamic Scenes

Xujie Kang, Jing Li, Xiangtao Fan, Hongdeng Jian, Chen Xu
2021 Applied Sciences  
Visual simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is challenging in dynamic environments as moving objects can impair camera pose tracking and mapping. This paper introduces a method for robust dense bject-level SLAM in dynamic environments that takes a live stream of RGB-D frame data as input, detects moving objects, and segments the scene into different objects while simultaneously tracking and reconstructing their 3D structures. This approach provides a new method of dynamic object
more » ... n, which integrates prior knowledge of the object model database constructed, object-oriented 3D tracking against the camera pose, and the association between the instance segmentation results on the current frame data and an object database to find dynamic objects in the current frame. By leveraging the 3D static model for frame-to-model alignment, as well as dynamic object culling, the camera motion estimation reduced the overall drift. According to the camera pose accuracy and instance segmentation results, an object-level semantic map representation was constructed for the world map. The experimental results obtained using the TUM RGB-D dataset, which compares the proposed method to the related state-of-the-art approaches, demonstrating that our method achieves similar performance in static scenes and improved accuracy and robustness in dynamic scenes.
doi:10.3390/app11020645 fatcat:afpvspjjvrftnbi65dl6fujeei