Data driven innovations in structural health monitoring

M J Rosales, R Liyanapathirana
2017 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
A wireless sensor network for urban environmental health monitoring: UrbanSense D Rainham Application of a Web-enabled real-time structural health monitoring system for civilinfrastructure systems S F Masri, L-H Sheng, J P Caffrey et al. Abstract. At present, substantial investments are being allocated to civil infrastructures also considered as valuable assets at a national or global scale. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is an indispensable tool required to ensure the performance and
more » ... of these structures based on measured response parameters. The research to date on damage assessment has tended to focus on the utilization of wireless sensor networks (WSN) as it proves to be the best alternative over the traditional visual inspections and tethered or wired counterparts. Over the last decade, the structural health and behaviour of innumerable infrastructure has been measured and evaluated owing to several successful ventures of implementing these sensor networks. Various monitoring systems have the capability to rapidly transmit, measure, and store large capacities of data. The amount of data collected from these networks have eventually been unmanageable which paved the way to other relevant issues such as data quality, relevance, re-use, and decision support. There is an increasing need to integrate new technologies in order to automate the evaluation processes as well as to enhance the objectivity of data assessment routines. This paper aims to identify feasible methodologies towards the application of time-series analysis techniques to judiciously exploit the vast amount of readily available as well as the upcoming data resources. It continues the momentum of a greater effort to collect and archive SHM approaches that will serve as data-driven innovations for the assessment of damage through efficient algorithms and data analytics.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/842/1/012012 fatcat:uss2sl6ctzdw5ofhv7sfwja2fe