Jane Jacobs and the Self-Organizing City [article]

Kamil Gaweł, Uniwersytet Wrocławski. Katedra Doktryn Politycznych I Prawnych, Uniwersytet Wrocławski. Pracownia Badań Praw Orientalnych, Sadowski, Mirosław (1964- ). Red., Włodzimierz. Rec. Bernacki, Laura. Rec. Carballo Pineiro, Maciej. Rec. Chmieliński, Anna Citkowska-Kimla, Piotr. Rec. Kimla, William. Rec. Koprowski, Artur. Rec. Łuszczyński, Elwira Rec. Marszałkowska-Krześ (+7 others)
The article describes the concept of a "self-organizing city" by Jane Jacobs. The author, referring to the reflections of Wade Graham, analyzes Jane Jacobs texts, paying attention to elements typical of new urbanism. Numerous texts by the author (written between 1936 and 1995) are subject to analysis. Texts from the late 1930s are analyzed, being the seeds of the famous "Hudson Street ballet". The second part of the text is devoted to the article "Downtown is for People" from 1958, in which the
more » ... theses from the most famous book by Jane Jacobs - "The Death and Life of the Great American Cities" are largely presented. The text of this book is also confronted with the thoughts of Wade Graham in the last part of the text.
doi:10.34616/139093 fatcat:htoovibksngohesid2ghn46p3a