Inorganic chemistry

1892 Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts  
I N 0 RGXNIC CHE M ISTR T. It I n o r g a n i c C h e mi s t r y. Revised Hydrochloric Acid Tables. By G. LUSGE and L. MARCHLEWSKI (Zeit. any. Chem., 1891, 133-1 35).--The author9 have cortstructed a very useful table, giving the specitic gravities (reduced by Kohlrausch's formuln to vacuum and 4" C.), the corresponding degrees of Baume's and l'waddell's hydrometers, the percentage of hydrogen chloride by w-eight, the percentage of weight of 18", 19"' 20°, 21", and 22" acid, and the number of
more » ... lograms of the said acids contained in 1 litre. The specific gravities were taken with the utmost care i n a specific gravity bottle, provided with art accurate thermometer, and are guaranteed to be accurate witliiu 0.0001. The acid was analgsed by titvation with N/5 solution of sodium hydroxide, which had been staiidardised with N/5 hydrochloric acid. This acid was standardised with pure sodiu tit carbonate, and the results were verified by a gi*nvimetrie estimation as silver chloride. The titrations were done w i t h the greatest care, sud the experimentd error never exceedod 0.02 per cent. with the weaker acids, arid 0.05 per cent. with the stronger ones. The weaker acids were weighed iu a Winkler's stop-cock pipette: the fiiruing ones in sealed glass bulbs.
doi:10.1039/ca8926200011 fatcat:rgcn3yxoyfd3baxcicatznm5gq