Determination of Peroxide Value of Oils Used in the Confectioneries of Damghan, Iran in Spring

Citation Nassehinia, H Ahrari
2015 Journal of Health Research in Community. Winter   unpublished
Introduction and Purpose: Foods frying in oil is one of the common methods of heating methods used in cooking. During the Frying process, oil oxidation occurs more than safe extent and it might cause production of hydro peroxides and volatile compounds, such as aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acids and other undesirable chemicals. The aim of this study was to determine the peroxide value of oils used in confectioneries in the Damghan during spring 2015. Methods: In this cross-sectional
more » ... sampling was obtained from all of Damghan confectioneries (32 samples). Sampling was done in the moment that oil reached to the highest temperature. Method of sampling was according to protocol No. 493 by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran. Results: Among 32 cases, 24 (40%) and 15 (25%) liquid oil samples were pre-and post-heating safe to be used while 9 other samples (15%) were unusable after the first use, so there was significant difference between the frequency of usable and unusable oils in the studied samples. Conclusion: Our results showed that the levels of peroxide production in oil used in the confectioneries of Damghan were higher than safe threshold. So training the staff of confectionaries about the appropriate procedures for cooking and frying of sweets are essential.