Development of Thermal Performance Tester for Non-Homogeneous Insulation Pannels Installed Vertically
수직으로 설치된 비균질 평판 단열재용 성능시험장치 개발

Hong Young Oh, Ki O Song, Hyun Ik Jeon, Sun Young Cho
2016 Korean Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering  
In case of metal insulation, which is produced by stacking stainless steel sheets and air layers in a multi-stack manner at a specific thickness, insulation performance will be evaluated based on thermal transmittance rather than the intrinsic physical properties of each material such as thermal conductivity. However, there is no standard for measuring thermal transmittance targeted for non-homogeneous insulation which is used in relatively high temperature conditions such as a power station.
more » ... this study, the thermal conductivity of homogeneous insulation acquired by the standardized guard hot plate method and the thermal conductivity of homogeneous insulation measured by the newly developed performance tester were compared to verify the confidence level of the tester. As a result, thermal conductivity acquired by the newly developed thermal transmittance tester was about 6% higher than the thermal conductivity measured by the existing guard hot plate method under the anticipated service temperature conditions.
doi:10.6110/kjacr.2016.28.4.153 fatcat:txtlcqgpazgnxhggdppnpv4cn4