Sanita Zike, Kaspars Kalnins
Impact response of plywood laminate composites with imbedded glass and flax fibre fabrics utilising different adhesives were both experimentally produced and studied. Moreover the impact energy absorption of wood products as veneer, three and seven plies plywood and particle board were estimated. Therefore, laminate composites were subjected to drop-weight tests with initial energy of 150J and striker with diameter 20 mm in order to determine the impact force, energy absorption and deflection
more » ... on and deflection rate. The experimental results approved poor impact absorption properties for both single veneer ply and particle board, the impact resistance was significantly higher in plywood products. In combination with thermoplastic polymer and textile fabrics the absorbed energy of laminates was considerably enhanced. The highest specific absorbed energy values have been observed for plywood laminate produced by polyethylene adhesive and incorporating the glass fibre fabrics. During the drop-weight impact tests all samples were punctured, showing local damage in the upper ply and much more extensive at the bottom ply. The damage extent was smaller in composite laminates reinforced with the fibre fabrics.