Improved magnetization and reduced leakage current in Sm and Sc co-substituted BiFeO3

T. Durga Rao, Kumara Raja Kandula, Abhinav Kumar, Saket Asthana
2018 Journal of Applied Physics  
Increase in depolarization temperature and improvement in ferroelectric properties by V 5+ doping in lead-free 0.94(Na 0.50 Bi 0.50 )TiO 3 -0.06BaTiO 3 ceramics BiFeO 3 (BFO) and Bi 0.85 Sm 0.15 Fe 0.90 Sc 0.10 O 3 (BSFSO) ceramics were synthesized by conventional solid state route. X-ray diffraction measurements revealed that an orthorhombic Pnma structure evolved with a phase fraction of 84% in the rhombohedral R3c structure of BFO upon the substitution of Sm and Sc. The changes in the
more » ... ty and the frequency of Raman modes also corroborated the structural transformation in the BSFSO compound. A decrease in grain size, reduction in porosity, and improved density were observed in the BSFSO compound. An enhanced remanent magnetization of 0.2 emu/g and coercive field of 6.2 kOe were observed, which were attributed to the structural change as well as the destruction of the spin structure with the substitution. Impedance and leakage current measurements revealed that the insulating character of BFO was improved with the substitution of Sm and Sc in BFO and was explained based on the bond enthalpy concept. The enhanced magnetic properties along with the improved insulating character of BSFSO compound will be suitable for device applications. Published by AIP Publishing.
doi:10.1063/1.5023720 fatcat:7gawbuwykbfgpix7o65xzpeluy