The melittology research in Northern Africa and the Middle East: past and present situations

Mohamed A. Shebl, Faten Ben Abdelkader, Leila Bendifallah, Karima Benachour, Ali A. Bataw, Emsaed M. Bufliga, Mohamed A. Osman, Soliman M. Kamel
2021 Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology  
Background More than 20,000 species in the superfamily Apoidea have been identified worldwide. This superfamily includes the most important group of insect pollinators that contribute to the integrity of ecosystems. Main body We have gathered in this paper data from many previous works in Northern Africa and Middle East regions. Some of these data are date from many years ago and others are recent. We present here a non-exhaustive list of some common Apoid species. In addition, certain previous
more » ... n, certain previous studies that were published and other current research opportunities were suggested. Conclusion Although there are many bee experts in the Arab world, i.e., in apiculture, however, a few researchers are interested in melittology even though it seems that this region represents a large bee diversity.
doi:10.1186/s41936-021-00217-y fatcat:d2c6pcsklreqbe2pmu37hqm7wa