Childhood HIV and Tuberculosis Co-Infection in a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital

Oyedeji Olusola
2019 Zenodo  
Tuberculosis and HIV are significant contributors to morbidity and mortality in children living in developing countries. Factors associated with morbidity in Tuberculosis and HIV co-infections have not been sufficiently exhaustively studied. Aim: To study the pattern of presentation and outcome of tuberculosis in HIV infected children with a view to identify factor associated with outcome of management. Methods: Consecutive children diagnosed with tuberculosis and HIV co-infections seen at the
more » ... ctions seen at the paediatric clinics or wards of LAUTECH teaching hospitals were studied over 10 years. Necessary data were extracted from their case notes and analysed using SPSS version 18. Results: A total of 28 children with HIV and tuberculosis co-infection were studied, with age ranging from 3months to 17year. Thirteen (46.4%) children were boys and 15(53.6%) girls. The forms of Tuberculosis diagnosed were pulmonary 18(64.3%), disseminated disease 5(7.9%), abdominal 3(10.7), meningitis 1(3.7%) and miliary 1(3.7%). Sixteen (57.1%) of the 28 children, had complications, while the remaining 12(42.9%) did not. Congestive cardiac failure secondary to pulmonary disease and hypoxemia requiring oxygen therapy were the common complications recorded. Eight (28.6%) children exhibited treatment failure to category I anti-tuberculous (Anti-Tb) drugs and one of these patients eventually exhibited treatment failure to category II Anti-Tb and Multi-drug resistance. Treatment failure with category 1 Anti-Tb therapy was significantly associated with severe immunosuppression (CD4<200cells/ul, poor viral load suppression (viral load > 1000ucells/L and disseminated disease (p< 0.01). Four mortalities 4(14.3%) were recorded in the course of the study while 24 (85.7%) survived. Conclusion: Tuberculosis is a significant cause of morbidity in HIV infected children. Treatment failure is a significant outcome associated with category I Anti-Tb therapy in pat [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3534021 fatcat:wotinom5ejburc773kgsms3qiq